LCD Panel Sample


This is a sample of the high quality polarizing film we supply with our LCD repair kits. It can be used to determine if your cluster needs this repair, and gives you a chance to view the materials before ordering. This is high quality polarizing film which is used in the manufacture of LCDs. It has a matte-finish, anti-glare coating to decrease reflections from external lights (e.g., sunlight, headlights, etc.) and a hard-coat to resist scratches. The film contains a UV protectant to minimize fading.


Note! Since you're likely testing with the old, faded film in place, the image you see will not appear factory. You may need to rotate the sample and/or look through it at angles to the side or above, to see the image on the LCD screen. If you see the numbers, the computer is working and the issue is that the LCD film has faded in the sunlight.



  • Precut replacement polarizing film for the speedometer, tach and center LCD panels. Approx 1" x 2" in size.


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