LCD Panel Restoration Kit

Repair worn and sun-faded LCD panels and save!


Signs your cluster has faded panels

  • When the cluster is off, the colored portions of the display can be seen:


  • The cluster illuminates when the ignition is on, but the info can't be read:


  • The info becomes visible when using polarized sun/3D glasses (or our free test strip - Click Here):


  • The pic below is an example of faded film (left) next to a sample of the new replacement film (right). The fade line on clusters which need this repair can usually be seen without disassembling the cluster.


The cluster below has been repaired by us:

When the display is off, the panels should appear black. If you see colors, your cluster has sun-faded LCD panels.

When the cluster is on, the information should be clearly readable.


Reviews of this Kit

I wanted to thank you for the easy solution to my dash problem. I didn't even know where to start when I brought the car and the gauges didn't work. You service is greatly appreciated. - Kevin


Just wanted to thank you for everything! I was a little skeptical since your polarized film looked identical to the one I had purchased on E-Bay.... But after installation was completed, the dash works and looks great! Regards, Dave


I reconditioned the LCDs with your kit, and they look GREAT! - Mark


Wondering if your LCDs are faded? Order a free test strip - Click Here



  • Precut and marked replacement polarizing film for the speedometer, tach and center LCD panels.

  • Black enamel retouching paint and brush

  • Razor Blade, for film removal

  • Complete instructions and video are online


This is a high quality polarizing film which is used in the manufacture of LCDs. It has a matte-finish, anti-glare coating to decrease reflections from external lights (e.g., sunlight, headlights, etc.) and a hard-coat to resist scratches. The film contains a UV protectant to minimize fading.