C68 ECC Air Conditioning Repair Kit (1986-89)

C68 ECC AC Control Repair Kit



The C68 repair kit includes parts which commonly fail in the C68 AC controller. It includes parts to rebuild the C68 ECC head unit as well as the problematic Programmer Board!


Signs Your HVAC needs to be rebuilt

  • The vents blow hot air when the AC is on, or cold air when the heat is on
  • The Display is intermittent or non-functional.
  • One or more buttons isn't working



  • 3 - Electrolytic Capacitors for C68 Head Unit

  • 1 - Electrolytic Capacitor for C68 Programmer Module

  • 2 - Power Resistors for C68 Programmer Module

  • 3 - Replacement Bulbs for C68 Head Unit

  • 1 - Supply of 60/40 Solder

  • 2 - Blend Door Drive Transistors (not pictured above)

  • 2 - Blend Door Drive Diodes (not pictured above)

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  • Complete Wiring Info is located here - Click here