90-96 Dimmer Circuit Repair Kit

Cluster too bright at night, or too dim during the day?


The Photocell kit contains a photocell and the correct solder


The digital cluster contains a photocell sensor which allows the cluster to attain full brightness during daylight, and to dim around sunset. This is still the case with the headlights on - the information should appear brighter in the daylight than it does at night.


Our photocell kit contains a new, factory-fresh photocell which is an electrical and physical size match for the factory part. No additional resistors or modifications needed! The kit also includes a supply of the correct solder used in the digital cluster.


Signs your cluster may need this repair

  • The digital cluster is working properly, except that the information is very dim (or too bright).

  • The bulbs that illuminate the cluster are very dim, if not completely dark.

  • The cluster works at full brightness when the key is turned on, but goes very dim after a few seconds.

  • The cluster is dim with the headlights off, but works normally when the headlights are on.



  • Replacement Photocell

  • 60/40 Tin/Lead rosin core solder (don't use acid core or lead-free solder on the cluster!)

  • Complete instructions and troubleshooting guide are online here